What is Mirror Therapy?

Mirror Therapy, or mirror box therapy, is a physiotherapy/physical therapy and occupational therapy technique used to help increase movement and decrease pain in limbs. It is suitable to treat conditions such as complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), phantom limb pain, stroke and other chronic pain conditions. In many of these conditions the affected limb may not move well and it might be very painful when you try to move it. With adequate practice using mirror therapy, both patients and therapists have reported positive outcomes. 

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Mirror Therapy - mirror box - visual feedback

Mirror Therapy


Phantom Limb Pain


Chronic Pain


Neuropathic Pain

Motor Imagery

Rehabilitation & Exercises


Purchased for my dad after he had a stroke. His outpatient physical therapy use similar product. 

Reasonable price, better than trying to build one myself.

(Mirror Therapy Box Rehab Kit)

Anna T

My mom is a stroke survivor. Using this as one of her home therapy, has been helping her to regain sensation in her right hand. Recommended.

(Mirror Therapy Box Rehab Kit)

W Fracasso

 My doctor suggested me to get these to help gain strength and grip back in my hands.

I use them regularly and is effective. Using the light intensity one now.

(Hand Therapy Exercise Ball)

Gal S V

Purchased these for my son to regain strength in his thumb after surgery to repair the ligament, so far so good. 

(Hand Grip Strengthener)

M Johnson

Bought this for my right hand to help me from having claw hands. They are working great. It saved me a lot of money, I recommend it to anyone who needs it.

(Resting Hand Splint)

H Ioram

Product works extremely well and at a low price.  Works great. High quality.  

(Wrist and Forearm Strength Trainer)

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