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Make Your Own Mirror Box For Therapy

Mirror Therapy Boxes come in a few varieties but there are some general guidelines you should follow if you want to to make your own mirror box.

How to make a mirror box for therapy:

Mirror box construction is relatively simple for people who are used to DIY projects, though there are things that you should take note of initially. Most of the components can be purchased from hardware stores. (For those of you who think this is too much hassle or physically impossible, you can purchase own mirror box here online.)

The mirror box should consists of a mirror vertically propped up in the middle of a rectangular box. The top and front sides of the box can be removed. The reflection of the non-affected limb should be seen in the mirror to give the optical illusion that this is the affected limb.

Generally, a mirror of 25 x 20 inches for the upper limb and at least 35 x 25 inches for the lower limb is recommended though you can scale it down or up depending on your own requirements.

Choice of material for the mirror is also important. Perspex mirrors with smooth edges can be used to avoid cuts and injuries but it is important that the mirror does not buckle as this would distort the image. The “box” part of the mirror box should be made from a neutral color so that it does not draw attention away from the reflection in the mirror and should be big enough to cover the whole of the affected limb.

Some people place the mirror on the side of a box so the unaffected hand is free on only the affected hand is in the box. Some make the “box” a triangle shape, with the mirror on the vertical side, for easy dismantling and storage.

Mirror boxes can be made to be dismantled so they are easy to store and portable. If you are making your own, try out a few shapes and designs to see what works best for you.

As stated earlier, if this seems too complicated, you can purchase our Mirror Therapy Box here. This ensures you get a product that will work, without any of the hard work of sourcing components or putting them together, especially if you are currently dealing with pain. It is also portable and likely to be more durable then something you make yourself.

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