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Ring Grip Hand Trainer


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Our Ring Grip Hand Trainer helps strengthens grip and improves dexterity. Crush, pinch and extend the ring gripper to exercise your hands and fingers. It can also help by promoting blood circulation and relieve stress.


  • Made of silicone, providing durable, non-slip and safe usage
  • Portable, use it anytime and anywhere
  • Perfectly sized to fit adult hands, suitable for both men and women.
  • Perfect for athletes, musicians and physiotherapy patients.

Dimensions: Approx. 7 cm / 2.76 inches

Weight Resistance:
Green – 30lb (Child, Seniors)
Blue – 40lb (Popular choice, Ladies)
Orange – 50lb (Men)

Additional information


Green – 30lb, Blue – 40lb, Orange – 50lb, 3-In-1 Set

2 reviews for Ring Grip Hand Trainer

  1. Anonymous

    A very well made, durable product.Good for relieving stress too

  2. Sky. W

    Does not injured and tired your fingers and prepare you up for warm-up. If you have any hand issues , I guess this can help also.

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