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Hand Therapy Exercise Ball


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Comes in 3 colors with varying level of strength:

Yellow – 15 Degree (Light intensity)
Blue – 30 Degree (Moderate Intensity)
Turquoise – 35 Degree (Strong Intensity)

You may choose to buy a single ball or a set of 3 balls. A free carry bag is included for easy storage and travel.


  • Develop and strengthen grip, hands, fingers and wrists
  • Relieve stress and muscle tension from computer work or repetitive movements
  • Prevents stiffness, increases flexibility, and reduces joint pain
  • Strongly recommended for stroke rehabilitation or post stroke patient

Size: 5.5 cm /2.2 inches

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Yellow – Light Intensity, Blue – Moderate Intensity, Turquoise – Strong Intensity, 3-IN-1 Set


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